Turning milling, also known as mill-turn machining or multitasking, is a sophisticated manufacturing process that combines turning and milling operations in a single machine setup. This integrated approach allows for the seamless production of complex components with intricate geometries and diverse features. In turning milling, a workpiece rotates on a spindle, similar to traditional turning, while cutting tools mounted on multiple axes execute milling operations simultaneously. This dual functionality enables the production of parts with both cylindrical and contoured surfaces, reducing the need for multiple setups and tool changes.

The process is particularly advantageous for creating intricate components such as aerospace parts, medical devices, and automotive components. Turning milling enhances efficiency, reduces lead times, and improves overall precision by integrating two essential machining processes into a unified and streamlined workflow. Additionally, the utilization of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology further enhances the precision and complexity achievable in turning milling applications.

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