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We ensure provide high quality solution for our customer Supported by providing wide range of products from leading machine makes in the world, and strenghened by experienced service team. OTT promise to provide Best Quality, Best Delivery, Best After Service, and Best Cost Efficiency.

We provide after sales service

Machine tool maintenance service aims to keep machining equipment in peak condition through routine inspections, repairs, and adjustments, enhancing precision and productivity in manufacturing processes.


Troubleshooting for machine tools involves identifying and resolving operational issues, such as malfunctions or performance discrepancies, to minimize downtime and maintain efficient manufacturing operations.

Periodic customer visits for machine tools involve on-site inspections, consultations, and support to ensure the machines continue to meet the customer’s needs and provide valuable maintenance and upgrade recommendations.

Installation and training visits for machine tools encompass setting up the equipment and providing hands-on guidance to operators, enabling them to use the machines effectively and safely.

Spare part availability for machine tools ensures that critical replacement components are readily accessible, minimizing downtime and facilitating rapid repairs when necessary.