Swing over table: 250mm

Distance between centers: 700mm

Distance between tailstock & workhead: 580mm

T-slot: plus 0.05mm min 0.00mm

Working surface: 135mm x 940mm

Grinding Wheel Spindle RPM: 2600, 3700, 6200

Grinding Wheel Spindle Motor: 1.5HP 1.2kW

Longitudinal Table Movement: 400mm

Cross Saddle Movement: 250mm

Floor Requirement: 1550mm x 1735mm

Weight: 1160kg


Swing over table: 304mm

Collet Work Dia: Max 30mm

Max. Grinding Wheel: 100m

Main Slide Travel: 146mm

Offset Slide Travel: 133m

Workhead, 1 speed: 436rpm

Wheelhead, 3 speed: 4000, 5729

Floor Requirement: 635mm x 660mm

Height: 1212mm

Weight: 691kg

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